Friday, August 31, 2007

Why perfectionists shouldn't homeschool

Growing up, my mother wonderfully made me do and redo projects until I got it right....great skill, I aced everything (with her help). Ironically, not a good skill for the good witch, who now has read the aforementioned tomes and knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I could be the best HSer in the world if only I had all the right stuff.... Further irony: Waldorf = anticommercialism, also = some of the most expensive toys on the web!!! If only I had learned to carve wood. Can't knit to save my soul (and crocheted animals just don't look right). Forgot how to play piano. Black thumb from hell. Shit. My list of things that I must learn to be perfect is growing. thanks mom.

That having been said, I am not jumping into schooling just yet because Biggie and I are butting heads. I am calling this her Detox period, during which time she gets out all the angst of schooling. My motto, "this, too, shall pass." We are reading, ALOT. Today's big accomplishment: found a wonderful bush walk (Americans, read "nature trek") at the top of our development. I loved it, girls were moderately enthused. If only I could carve wood, I am sure I could save myself $11 by hand sawing the fallen lumber into pieces, and carving the Nativity by hand...overnight.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just landed in Oz

Last Thursday as our LAST DAY OF SCHOOL...probably EVER. That is a very strange thing to say, given that the girls are 4 & not-quite-6.

Today, the curriculum landed. Christopherus Waldorf homeschooling books x6. And in my totally overexpectant way, I tho't I would receive the curriculum and start immediately. HAHAHAHA. To top it off, today with the kids was nightmarish and NOT their fault....We let them stay up to watch the moon last night and their little schedules woke far too early. Biggie was grumpy all day long and I ended the day by telling her that it's days like this that we must remember how very much we love each other.

Anyway, 5 1/2 more books to get through, so I shall return to the printed word.