Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And how was your day?!

Better than mine, I'm certain. Today, I spent hours and hours PICKING NITS (and a few lice) out of my youngest daughter's hair. To which I say effing NZ. (Sorry Kiwis.) Lice is epidemic in NZ, as they must be for my HOMESCHOOLED!!!! children to get 'em. I grew up in California, where children were sent home from school and told not to come back until their heads were clear. In NZ, teachers aren't even allowed to perform head checks! WTF! Plus, I have long hair and my biggest fear is that I will get Lice and who the hell is going to pick 'em out of MY hair.

And, of course, because we are hippies, I refuse to simply douse my children with toxic shampoo, so instead, I covered their hair in a mix of coconut oil and tea tree and proceeded to pick the nits out one-by-one. I will have to do the same thing every day for heaven knows how long. And Littlie is so pissed off at me she doesn't even want to talk to me.....ugh. I think I deserve a glass of wine.

Off to pour. TTFN.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tie my hands behind my back...quick

Oh, no. I am becoming a fabric junkie. Well, actually, I am currently a window-shopping fabric junkie! I have started stashing fabric, but my minimalist side can't mesh with my "buy-now-while-it's-on-sale" side. AND, to make matters worse, I am justifying everything as "for Christmas crafting." Gads. The truth of it is, I love the gorgeous fabrics now on the market, but once I get them, I am so afraid of screwing the piece up that I just leave it in it's wrapping until, one day, the perfect use will come along.

I've spent an hour on Sew, Mama, Sew! Been there? Go see. Hide your wallet first.

I am now going to force myself to close the computer and watch DH play his latest online roleplaying game (if you're a game widow, you will know "MMORPG." This one's called Age of Conan).


Thursday, July 24, 2008


First, if this post is riddled with errors, it's Microsoft's fault, not mine. I am trying Windows Live Writer because I don't like composing via the Blogger interface.

I haven't been posting much lately and I have come to realise that my lack of blogtime is symptomatic of a greater "problem" (and I use that term loosely) that has developed over the course of my homeschooling year. I am Productive! This has been very, well, productive; however, the dark side of this is a habitual need to Be Productive. So what am I saying? Well, I have reached a point where it is hard to simply be. During the day, with the girls, I hardly sit down; and if I do, then I always have something in my hands (you know, that Active Kindy Teacher Waldorf thing). I have knitted myself to a standstill because my eyes are strained. If I am not engaged in handwork, then it's art or music or menu-planning, or office work, or ANYTHING but simply relaxing. At by nightfall, I am ready to sit and read, but oh no, can't read rubbish! Must read useful, potentially life altering internet posts, or somesuch inner work book, or Ravelry so that I can find the next big handwork project for me. Somehow, even the things that I enjoy are becoming part of this merry-go-round. I can't help but wonder if this is simply a phase in the Homeschooling experience that all of us must address...."ahh, This too shall pass."

So what does this have to do with blogging? Well, blogging is something solely for me and therefore introspective and not terribly Productive. I have put it on the backburner because my frenetic tho'ts couldn't be reigned in well enough to share with anyone else (I keep thinkin', Why isn't there the internet version of the Vulcan Mind Meld....oh dear lord help me, I just made a Star Trek reference!) But tonight, I have declared that this blogpost is my Meditative Act for the day (what is up with all the Caps? I am feeling German!) and I shall endeavour to give my focus to this one single task.

Here goes:

First things first. For Mamma Mountain Pulse, the hair shampoo is here.

On the homeschooling front, the kids are bursting with creativity. Unfortunately, this came about because I stopped interfering in any of their play (even to the extent that I have been cleaning their rooms so that they could keep storytelling, or whatever) and I have no idea how I will ever bring them back to form. Funny thing is that Biggie, who very much needed to rediscover her creative self, is progressing marvelously in art and music and role-playing. I have had to step back and assess the need for "school" right now as I think she is investing her time exactly where it's needed. I am seeing many aspects of her personality that need Will exercises -- which brings me to the question of first grade readiness. Man, this is a hard one with an academically gifted child! She will be seven in September, she can ride a bike with no training wheels, and tie her shoes, and do so many things that point to readiness for formal learning, and yet she has not had even one loose tooth. I just keep telling myself that these children are learning so much at play that there is no need to even worry...and then the next day I have to tell myself that ALL OVER AGAIN to reassure myself of the rightness of my choices! I do also keep reminding myself that she is an avid reader and so the big thing - literacy - is all ready sorted out.

Which leads me to my current source of amusement: Biggie's potty reading is Edward Lear! I put his Collected Works in the loo, simply because I think the limericks are funny, and the next thing I knew, she was laughing from the toilet and singing "The Owl and the Pussycat" (mind you, she had to point out that the poem has two more verses than the song that we always sing! harrumph.)

Next? Well, our Tenth Anniversary is rapidly approaching and my husband has surprised us with a trip to the snow. Woohoo. Been in NZ for almost ten years and the girls and I have yet to visit Queenstown, so that's where we're headed in a couple of weeks. DH and I can't believe that we have been married for ten years (OK, to put this in context, I am only 33. Some day I'll talk about my totally unexpected early marriage.) My sister, who is single, keeps saying that we should go away by ourselves (she can't believe the girls are coming away with us) and she just doesn't get that, after ten years, we're about as debauched as we are going to ever be...hehe. The only downside to the trip is that we gotta buy clothes for the snow, and I don't like shopping in NZ. I have also made it a habit to travel with only carry-on luggage and I don't think that snowsuits will fit. There is also a certain irony in knowing that I have knitted so much stuff for other people that my eyes now hurt and I will have to go buy something for myself!

Anyway, that's about all I can muster up right now. There are still quiet alot of tho'ts bouncing around up there, but now that I have siphoned these into my blog Pensieve, I should be able to regurgitate those sooner rather than later.


Monday, July 21, 2008

A bit of (semi-) naughty humour.

This can make me laugh at any time! Wanted to share.


Monday, July 14, 2008


Blame it on a cold Winter, blame it on my Libran downswing, blame it on finally being able to check books out of the three-story Auckland Central Library (I'm such a dork) -- I've been a non-blogger for two weeks. BUT, I have been a reader! And I have enjoyed (am still enjoying, in fact) this quiet interlude and an opportunity to go through the blogring and my bookmarks and simply hear what others have to say.

Anything noteworthy in my life? Just couple things that I'll waste your time with.

Girls are at Fairy School this week. It's a week-long program during public school holidays and it's the only "break" I've had since starting homeschooling. Truth is, when they are gone, I miss 'em and don't know what to do with myself.

I have pink, really, it's fuschia. (my DH is soooo wonderful. He is a respectable, upstanding, fairly public guy and he has NO problem with a wife with pink hair. How great is that?!)

I recently realised that -- for the first time in ten years -- I have a no-stress lifestyle. FRIGGING AMAZING!

I have decided to throw a surprise party for Biggie's seventh birthday. Just 'cause I love her and she deserves one surprise party at an age when she can be truly thrilled. I wish Anthromama's friend was nearby (hehe, I was just looking at fairy stuff on the internet and your blog googled!). If you have any suggestions for a fairy-themed party, chime in because I am the hire-a-party-planner kind of mom.

Last, but not least, thanks to menus I have been making dinners consistently for the whole family for about three weeks now. This is a big deal because DH doesn't get home til late and dinner had always been a big pain in the butt for me. Now, I make the kids eat what I serve (oooh, they called me every sort of non-cursing bad name when I started, but it worked!) and DH has a nice dinner after a long day adjusting patients.

Oh, wait, on the topic of making things, I made my own deodorant and the girls are now no-shampoo. (I think Baking Soda may be the single most handy pantry item, don't you?) Again, three cheers for the most tolerant hubby in the world (10pm on a weeknight: "honey, watcha doin'?" "making deodorant." "oh, okay...." back to gaming.) Somehow, I don't think I could sell him on Family Cloths....