Friday, December 19, 2008

Uggh, sick dog

Just sharing: woke up at 4am to hideous amounts of dog puke. Woke up at 630am to even more dog fact, so much that it smelled of poo (have you ever been there as an animal owner? EWWWW!). I'm supposed to have friends over this morning and the whole house smells, errrrr, rather poo-ey, to use Littlie's words. Blech.

School is going great. I have taken Henitsirk's advice and we have been working on math using, not the four gnomes, but Santa's four elves, who each count and stack presents differently. Given that Biggie is not a fan of Creative Math (ie, gnomes), this has worked surprisingly well. Oh, and we used graham crackers yesterday to make gingerbread houses.

But for now, I gotta go clean dog mess.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spoiled! My early Christmas present

My mom gave me an iPod Touch. Woohoo! It is even flashier than my husband's, and there is a tiny evil part of me that finds joy/humour in that! Now I am trying to figure out how to use it and, whew, that is tough. Mostly, what I am finding hard is determining what parts of my life I want portable. For instance, I don't want friend and family contact details, and I don't want mobile banking; however, I do really want to use it for homeschooling. I get very distracted when I need the laptop midday, but I can see having my HS day planned in the calendar, with relevant internet bookmarks (projects, ebooks, etc) at hand, as well as websites with project directions for the day, etc.

Do any of you have one of these gadgets? What are your favourite apps (preferably FREE!)? And how the heck can you view Word docs on the iPod (my single biggest challenge so far)? But guess what my first ebook download was: Grimm's, of course. hehehe.

Trying to settle in and get ready for holidays. Tomorrow, we are continuing with the Four Processes*, making these little trees, and hopefully baking some bread. My liver hates me (too much wine!), so I must endeavour to eat/drink better.

(*I needed to cram in some math work and I've embraced the season! Instead of math gnomes, we are meeting Santa's mathematical elves, who much add, subtract, multiply, and divide, to ensure that each girl and boy is remembered on Christmas Day. It's totally workin' for us!! I love homeschooling.)

Back to the gizmo,


Monday, December 8, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Aaah, home. It took us over 24 hours of travel time, the poor girls were as strung out as two littlies could be, but we made it safely home to Dad. On the down side, we all came home sick. (I actually had to debate postponing the trip home, but dosed them with so much goldenseal and echinacea that we made it on the planes!!)

Looking back, I would say that my trip to the States was wonderful (altho' on a day-to-day basis, I'm sure there were some stressors): my mom was an absolute pleasure and the girls LOVED her. I am so grateful for their time together. The house is mostly done, but we took some of the pressure off ourselves and determined that the house isn't going to sell until 2009 anyway, so why work ourselves sick. (In fact, we spent the last four weeks of the trip just having fun, with a little work here and there!) I shall have to post photos, but it's 4am and I am just too damn lazy to do that part of the blog right now!

My little cottage here in New Zealand in full Summertime bloom and it was a glorious homecoming. No TV, to commercials, and the girls were right back outside up the tree, in the dirt, making experiments. Thank heavens. We're not even going to attempt "school" for the next couple of weeks because, well, what's the point of trying to resurrect that schedule just before Christmas?? And about Christmas, I have my mom to thank this year: she bought all of the Christmas gifts for everyone, including me (only, I already know what mine are, because I got to pack em *grin*). But really, without her, this Christmas would have been pretty minimal; I simply couldn't have done much in such a short time frame. HeeHee, my mom is now the new-favourite-person of the local Gymboree manager! When she said that we were opposite season and looking for summer wear, the lady went into her back room and brought out all of her clearance in sizes 6 and 7. I actually had to leave the store because my mom was in such a frenzy (thank you Mom!). Too funny. And, my mom bought Steiner-y stuff for us, too, but I won't get into detail until post-holidays.

Now, fellow Waldorfers, I have a school question: Biggie turned seven in September, but still has no wiggly teeth. While I want to stick to the "change of teeth" model, I am worried that at some point, I just need to go ahead with "formal" lessons. What are your experiences? How long past seven do I wait? The truth is, she reads like mad already, so it's really just math that's not happening. Any advice?

Now, that's all I'm going to write just now, as I REALLY want to read your blogs. It's been so long that I am out of touch with everything bloggish.

Thanks for your kind words and support during our travels.