Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I just applied to get my Master's!!! DH suggested it 3 days ago -- I discovered that the University of Auckland has a Master's program EXACTLY in my area of study (International Relations and Human Rights) -- I corresponded with the (American) program director -- and tonight I completed the app! The Director said that I should be easily admitted (I have a degree in IR, with an undergrad thesis in Human Rights, so that's kinda a shoe-in), so I'm not even worried about that. PLUS, University here is super cheap, so my Master's will only cost me about NZ$6000 (as opposed to that $100K USC education!!)

OOOh, I'm so excited...if I didn't have the worst cramps on the planet, I'd be jumping up and down!!!

P.S., OK, who's read the Twilight books?? The movie was so bad that I got sucked into the reading the entire series (in three days time) and I have desperately wanted to engage in an Academic discussion of the books, their morality/theology, and why, OH WHY, is it acceptable for authors to forget about grammar/good storyform just because they are writing for teens?? What? Teens don't need to learn how to use "whom" like the rest of us??....errrrrt, must stop oncoming punctuation rant.....And most of all, there should be a law against writers taking interesting plots and butchering them with poorly constructed stories....Now, I'm waiting for the Sookie Stackhouse novels to arrive......